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Round Up the Whole Gang of Tea Trees

If you love Oolong tea, you have to make a trip to Fujian. If you are hooked with tea, when you arrive at Fujian, you have to visit Anxi.

A long long time ago, in the remote mountain of Anxi, there was a guy who was named Hu Laing lived there; he was a hunter. One day, he found bunches of dark green trees on the hill, he picked up a branch and put it into the hot water and drank it after all. He felt great after he drank the water he said to himself, it was a magic tree. He went back to the hill and picked up more tree branches back home. He made lots of experiment and finally found the way by drying, rubbing and baking to make tea perfectly. The tea, Hu Laing made, was welcomed by locals. Anxi local dialect "Hu Laing" is similar to "Oolong", later, the locals called the tea "Oolong".

You have to see Wen Temple, Penhlai Rock, Temple of Chenghuang, Tomb of Taiwang and China Tea Caoital as well as Tea Plantation Museum when you are in Anxi. In the museum, there is "Tea Trees Plantation" which planted over 50 various tea trees from every comer of the world. It has 6 types of nationally selected, 6 provincial selected and over 30 local selected fine tea trees here. At "The House of Tea Process", you will see the entire process of world well-known tea of Tie Guanyin. "Culture Hall" displayed working tools of local people in different stages of the past. In the "Hall of International Tea Art Show Biz", you are able to taste famous teas and enjoy unique Anxi tea works. At "Phoenix Hall", visitors will find over 50 variety of tea related snacks and cakes. In the "Museum of Tea", everyone can see 5,000 years of Chinese tea history.