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Tea Industry Precarious Situation Chinese Tea Industry Awaits to Have A Dialogue of the Century with the World

There are many regional organizations for Chinese tea industry. So far, China is still not a member of the World Tea Organization. In October 2004, the embarrassed situation will be changed. First China International Tea Exhibition will be hosted in Beijing China, the hometown of tea. It is a strong voice of Chinese tea industry to send to the world.

Chinese tea industry standard is not unified; therefore, it is too hard to come to one-voice. Unified industry and industry standard have negative impacts on Chinese tea export, at the same time; the situation also damaged the reputation of Chinese tea products. Many Chinese have to use overseas standard to judge the quality of local tea products. Facing the embarrassed situation of the Chinese tea in the international tea trade, Chinese tea industry hopes this exhibition will help local industry to talk with its international counterpart about tea industry standard. Chinese tea industry wants to show the unique quality and variety of Chinese tears to the rest of the world tinder the prerequisite of health, Chinese tea industry sincerely hopes the dialogue will discuss the real issues and will be the talks among organizations.

Tea is the name card of Ancient China to contact with the rest of world. Tea is "point", and "plane" of Chinese culture exchange with other cultures. Many people from other parts of the world are through "tea culture" to know and recognize China, Chinese culture as as eastern civilization. Tea will be and must be to play a very important role in the dawn of great Chinese national resurge.