Springs Around the China

Springs Around the China

Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty, in his Tea Sutra said: "The water is from the mountain ..." Our country is very rich in spring water, which is loved by the majority tea fans.

First: Spring Zhongleng in Jinshan Mountain, Zhenjiang
Spring Zhongleng is located at the foot of Jinshan Mountain in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. In ancient times it was well-known and when it is boiled, pure fragrance would come from it. It is called "the best spring in the world."

Second: Spring Gulian in Valley Kangwang, Lushan Mountain
Spring Gulian in Valley Kangwang is located in Lushan Mountain, also known as the water curtain.

Third: Spring Yuquan in Yuquan Hill, Beijing
Spring Yuquan is located at the foot of Yuquan Hill in Beijing suburbs. Its water is as clear as jade.

Fourth: Spring Baotu in Ji’nan
Spring Baotu is located in the Park Baotu in Ji nan City, also known as threshold spring. When tea brewed with the spring water, it is loved by pure taste, fresh color, and pleasant fragrance.

Fifth: Spring Biyu in Anning, Yunnan
Spring Biyu is located in the valleys of Yunnan, also called Hot Spring Anning. Its water is always hot, foggy, clear and bright.
The water contains many minerals beneficial to humans, so when it is used to brew tea, its taste is wonderful.

Sixth: Spring Huqiu in Suzhou
Spring Huqiu in Suzhou is located outside the northwest gate of Suzhou City. Lu Yu, in his later years, lived in Suzhou. He found the Spring Huqiu's water is chilly, sweet.

Seventh: Spring Huishan in Wuxi
Spring Huishan is located in the park Xihui, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, made in the Tang Dynasty. It has 1,200 years of history so far.

Eighth: Spring Hupao in Suzhou
Spring Hupao is located in Suzhou, Zhejiang Province, about 5 km from the center of Road Hupao. The water quality of Spring Hupao is good, with relatively less soluble minerals, and the total hardness of water is relatively low. When it is made into tea, the tea is sweet, pure, and mellow.