Tea Customs Of Other Countries

Tea Customs Of Other Countries

Because of territorial difference, there are numerous methods of tea drinking in the world.

Egypt: tea with sugar
Egyptians like strong black tea, but they prefer sugar to milk with a proportion of 2/3 of the tea and drink after the dissolving of sugar. Sugar tea is the best drink to entertain guests. The tea is in high saccharinity and tastes viscous. Drinking two or three cups by glass cup, people would not have an appetite to food.

America: instant tea
For convenience and speed, Americans prefer instant tea just like they drink instant coffee. They mainly buy canning tea or instant tea to drink. Cool the tea in the refrigerator, and add ice cubes, sugar, lemon juice, honey and fruit wine while drinking. It tastes cool and refreshing.

Thailand: ice tea
Thai people have a unique habit. Instead of drinking warm tea, Thai people put ice cubes into the tea to make it cooling even icy, which is called ice tea.

North Africa: Mint tea
People living in Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritanian like green tea. They put several mint leaves and certain sugar candy into the tea and call it mint tea, which is cool and tasty.
When there are guests, the host serves with three cups of tea, and guests should drink up all of them, otherwise they are thought to be rude.

India: Masala tea
Indians mainly drink Masala tea. The method of making tea is quite simple, that is to put ginger or cardamom into black tea. However the way of drinking is quite unusual. They put their tongue into dish instead tea bowl or teacup and then lick the tea, therefore the Masala tea also called licking tea. In addition, Indians deliver tea sets by the right hand, for they think that left hand is used to bath and wash toilet.

Malaysia: pork and bone tea
Pork and bone tea mixes pork and pig bones and various rare Chinese medicines and other ingredients. Guests taste the tea with a bowl of rice and a disk of deep-fried dough sticks, added with pepper, soy sauce salt and vinegar according to their taste and eating the meat over the tea. Pork and bone tea has been the special food of Malaysia attracting numerous foreign tourists.