Tea Ceremony for Baked Pu'er Tea

Tea Ceremony for Baked Pu'er Tea

The Pu'er Tea lasts long in brewing and can be brewed immediately after baking.

Taking water

Take water with a teapot. Running water is the best for brewing the Pu'er Tea. It can better display the aged charm of the Pu'er Tea.

Warming up the teapot

Bake the teapot with soft fire.

Tea appreciation

Put the bulk tea in the lotus-shaped tea container for appreciation.

Tea application

Push the Pu'er Tea into the teapot with a tea spoon.

Baking the tea

Put the teapot containing the tea leaves on the stove for baking.

Water pouring

Pour water from a high position to fill the teapot. Scrape away the foam on the surface with the teapot lid.

Cooking the tea

Baking the teapot again on the stove.

Tea soup allocation

Pour the tea soup evenly into the teacups.