Tea Ceremony for the Keemun Black Tea

Tea Ceremony for the Keemun Black Tea

The Keemun Black Tea features high aroma, bright color, and mellow taste. The best brewing temperature is 90 C. Normally, white porcelain teacup is used.

Tea appreciation

The Keemun Black Tea has tight and slender strips and good tips. It looks black and moist. The dry tea has a gray luster, known as "Treasure Light".

Tea application

Push the black tea into the teapot with a tea spoon.

Warming up the tea set

Pour boiling water onto the tea set to raise its temperature.

Water pouring

Pour in boiling water from a lifted teapot, let the tea leaves fully tumble in the turbulent water, and fully set free the tea leaves' color, aroma, and taste.

Warm up the teacup

Keep on warming up the teacup with the water warming up the teapot.

Tea soup allocation

Pour the brewed tea soup into the Gongdao (Justice) Cup and then allocate it evenly into the drinking gongfu teacups.

Presenting the tea

Present the tea to the guest.

Tasting the tea

The Keemun Black Tea has a sweet and moist aroma, which contains flower fragrance. The tea soup is brilliantly red and bright. Along the rim of the teacup is an obvious "Golden Ring". It tastes mellow with a lingering aftertaste.