Tea Ceremony for the West Lake Longjing Tea

Tea Ceremony for the West Lake Longjing Tea

The West Lake Longjing is one of the most characteristic green teas. It has been praised as the Green Queen.

Tea set preparation

The Longjing Tea should be brewed with a top-grade glass without pattern on it, which allows free appreciation of the dancing tea leaves and the green tea soup.

Tea appreciation

The Longjing Tea has a flat and smooth appearance. It is known for its four beauties: greenness, rich aroma, mellow taste, and beautiful appearance. The high-quality Longjing Tea picked before Pure Brightness, known as pre-PB tea, is the best.

Water appreciation

The water from the Hupao Spring of Hangzhou is the best for brewing the West Lake Longjing Tea before they complement each other. This sweet and clear spring water can be presented to the guests for tasting.

Tea application

Push tea leaves from tea container to the glass cup with a tea spoon. Be aware of the tea-water ratio. In the process, keep a calm mindset and do not drop any tea leaf outside the glass.

Tea moistening

Pour hot water into the glass to 1/4 full, let the dry tea absorb water and unfold.

Water pouring from a high position

Lift the glass teapot and let the water rush down into the glass. Then, brew the tea by using the technique called Phoenix Nodding Head Thrice. Such technique is for both meeting the need of tea brewing and showing respect to the guests. It represents traditional Chinese etiquette.

Presenting the tea

Present the carefully brewed tea to the guests.

Tasting the tea

The Longjing Tea is a top-grade tea variety. Tasting slowly, you will feel the aroma flowing through your teeth and the sweetness passing by your throat.