Tea Ceremony for White-tipped Yinzhen (Silver Tip) Tea

Tea Ceremony for White-tipped Yinzhen (Silver Tip) Tea

The White-tipped Yinzhen is a tea peculiar to China. It is covered with white hair. Its making requires neither frying nor rolling.

Tea set preparation

Put the entire tea set on a simple stone platform: stone tea tray, ceramic tea stove, ceramic tea can, ceramic baking pot, ceramic tea bowl, ceramic teacup, ceramic teaboard, a tea tree branch for stirring, bamboo tea spoon, bamboo tea stick, and cast-iron kettle.

Baking the pot

Light the tea stove, put the baking pot on the stove to bake it dry. The heating should be even and the baking temperature should not be too high.

Tea application

Put the White-tipped Yinzhen Tea into the heated pot.

Baking the tea

Bake the tea in the baking pot until the aroma comes forth.

Smelling the aroma

Smell tea aroma and judge if the dry tea is properly baked.

Into the bowl

Put the baked White-tipped Yinzhen Tea into the bowl.

Water pouring

Pour the boiling water from a high position into the ceramic tea bowl.

Stirring the tea soup

Use the tea tree branch to stir the tea soup and make the tea taste thick and full.

Tea soup allocation

Evenly allocate the stirred tea soup to the teacups.

Presenting the tea

Firmly hold the teaboard with both hands and present the tea to the guests.