The Southern Seas Industrial Association Souvenirs and the Inscription of "Guangyu" On Purple Clay Teapots

During April 28th to Oct 10th in Xuantong next 2 years, Qing Dynast (1910), the Qing government hold the first Southern Seas Industrial Association in Nanjing, promoted by the official of Southern Seas Industrial, with its purpose was revitalization of industry, reward and advise farmhands, since named as, "the Southern Seas Industrial Association".

This association divided into 18 categories to make a judgements and award a prize with six grade, give five prizes practically such as memorial prize, extrafine prize, high-class prize, golden prize,silver prize.

The works of art were sent from coast to coast, in the ceramics, the purple clay teapots of Yixing Yangxian Pottery Company won the memorial prize, Chen Shouzhen and some other people won the golden prize on their ten pieces of good products.

The carved squirrel and fruits with poems turnover shoulder teapot which collected by Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware in HK, with an inscription on bottom as" "Southern Seas Industrial Association souvenirs" in seal letter, the cover seal was "Guangyu", it should be a souvenir of this activity. "Guangyu" maybe the Shao Guangyu who lived during Xuantong Period was good at making teapots.