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The Inscriptions of Export Purple Clay Teapots in Late-Qing Dynasty

At beginning of twenty century, Yixing purple clay teapots got a flourishing period. At that time, who controlled the Yixing Zisha teapots were not the scholars but the Shanghai industrialists. In the wake of developing of international trade, Yixing pottery and purple clay teapots were exporting to Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia,etc.

Several pieces of polished purple clay teapots which collected by Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware in HK, were belonged to the Yixing teapots exported to Thailand. This processing method was polished and burnished the finished fired works, the surface is smooth and shining, and inlay golden rim of the flow-mouth, mouth. Button, cover, bottom, etc. The loop handle mostly made by metal.

The set of export teapots, the major shape included small round teapots, round teapots, small horizontal teapots,etc. The clay materials contains celeste clay, red clay, strip clay, purple clay with sand,etc. Part of works inscribed in Thailand characters, names of makers, Thailand characters and paintings pattern style, some of works used all the Chinese characters. This kind of teapots are rare in domestic, inlay gold or bronze on parts, with full-bodied exoticism.