Vintage Tea Sets

What is Vintage Tea Sets?

The vintage tea sets, is a kind of cup especially used for drinking milk or coffee, briefly called coffee mug. In our life, most people could not correctly distinguish the difference between coffee cup and the black tea cup. Actually, in order to make the aroma of black tea can be spread, and easy to enjoy the color, the bottom of black tea is usually shallow, but the rim of the cup is wide. In addition, its transmission of light is also higher. While the rim of vintage tea sets is narrower and the transmission of light is low. And its material is more thicker.

As we all know that the coffee always present amber and clear. So as to show up this characteristic, the best way is to use coffee cups are white inside. Some people often neglect the problem when producing. They often choose vintage tea sets with all sorts of color and even decorated with complex patterns, all of which usually will let us hard to identify the finish situation according to its color. And the vintage tea sets are a whole set, including pot, sugar bowls, milk pot, cup and dish.

How to choose and where to buy Bone China Vintage Tea Sets?

You could choose according to the following three aspects: style, quality and voice. As we said just now, when choosing vintage tea sets, the first thing you could do is to observe whether its style of accessories is unification and coordination. Cups should not be too big, but comparably the open be bigger. Besides, the bottom line need to keep smooth and with elegant appearance, pure color. The second is for quality, those cups made of ash of animal bone are very good at slow down the speed of falling of temperature. In addition the surface of ceramic is clean, glazed and without any spot or stoma like pig hair. Observing whether the open of cup is deformation, we could try to put two mouth of it together. If there has no any convex gravamen, the ones is the top grade. And the last one is for voice. To distinguish, you can split the palm of left hand on the cup, and using the finger of right hand to tap the cup wall. If a ringing sound as jingle could be hear, the quality is good, while the sound is low or with noise sound, the inside wall may have crack or clash, it is advisable to be cautious.

Umi Tea Sets is one of the English tea set brands. With gaining popularity, the vintage tea sets gradually transformed into a complete category. The collection of vintage tea sets here offers plenty of choice whatever you require. Pretty Vintage English tea sets in complementary colors and patterns for a vintage afternoon tea. There are many kinds of bone china tea sets for your cabinet display, - always be sure to use the left menu system to specify your needs in terms of price and old/retro tea sets type. Beautiful fine vintage tea sets for sale. Everything you need to create your perfect tea set and tea party.

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