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Inscription of "Chen Dinghe Pottery Company" on Purple Clay Teapots

"Chen Dinghe" is a name of Company which engaged in Yixing pottery especially at beginning of 20th century. Manager named Chen Yuanming, who was born in Yixing, started company at Yixing, then moved to Shanghai.

This company engaged in famous teapots, tea sets, warm wine cups, writing-brush washers,vases,etc. The inscription carved on the | vessels with "Chen Dinghe", or the seal letters on the square seal with "Chen Dinghe Pottery Company" and the name of maker. Some still had the English words as C*T*H*CO samples. They belonged to the general merchandise.

Liang Baiquan as editor in chief of book Yixing Purple Clay Teapots, in the 264 page said, "round teapot with loop handle is collected in Nanjing Museum now, carved inscription on the body as "made by Chen Dinghe", seal characters cut in intaglio on the inside of cover as "Guoji", rectangle seal carved on the bottom as "Yixing clay teapot"