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Inscriptions of "Jingding brand", "Oi Tao (pottery)", "GUilin" on Purple Clay Teapots

"Jingding brand" is a registered trade mark of a company which engaged in Yixing top quality pottery especially at beginning of 20th century. Its location was at Changqiao in Yixing, the owner named Wu Hanwen, "Qi Tao" was his pen name. The owner made teapots first, carved characters later, then became a boss. The company hired lots of famous potters such as Yu Guoliang, Feng Guilin, Jiang Anqing, Wang Xichen,etc, regular oder people such as Cheng Shouzhen, Wu Yimgen, Wang Baogen, Pei Shimin, etc. carved characters especially such as Chen Boting, Chen Shaoting, Shao Yunru, Ren Jinting, etc, in addition, Pan Yaliang, Lu Lanfang also carved characters for him.

What they made, inscribed as "made by Wu Desheng" in seal letes cm square seal, round seal, "Qi Tao", "Jingding brand11,etc; The famous potters always carved as the inscriptions as name of maker in "Jingding brand".

The sunflower imitated old teapot which is collected by Yixing Zisha Crafts Corperation was made by Feng Guilin during the Republic of China Period, sealed as "Guilin", inscription carved ob the body as "Shiquan fired, imitated by Qi Tao people", the seal the bottom is round as "Jingding brand".